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Журнал с 01.12.2015 допущен ВАК для публикации основных результатов диссертаций как издание, входящее в международные реферативные базы систем цитирования (Web Science, Scopus) (см. Vak.ed.gov.ru Перечень журналов МБД 16.03.2018г)

По техническим причинам «Оптический журнал» не попал в каталог агентства «Роспечать» на II полугодие 2018 г., что делает невозможной подписку на него на почте. Предлагаем оформить подписку на II полугодие 2018 в редакции журнала удобным Вам способом. Стоимость подписки на полугодие сохраняется (6600 руб.).
Связаться с нами можно по т. (812) 315-05-48, Е-mail: beditor@soi.spb.ru

Articles presentation and publication order

“OPTICHESKII ZHURNAL” and The Journal of Optical Technology, which is published in English by OSA simultaneously with the Russian version, publishes articles and reviews that show new results of theoretical and experimental researches in physical optics and optical equipment as far as information about development of optical technologies and production. Focusing on the list of scientific specialties WAC, the results of development and researches of the specialties listed below can be fully attributed to the Journals’ subjects:


01.04.05 Optics

01.04.21 Laser Physics

05.02.01 Materials (optical)

05.09.07 Lighting Engineering

05.11.07 Optical and Optoelectronic Devices and Systems

05.11.18 Devices and Methods of Image Conversion


Results of those researches that have interdisciplinary format are published in the Journal depending on their volume and significance of optical aspects. The issue of articles’ subject non-compliance to the Journals subjects can be discussed on the meeting of Editorial Board by submission of Editorial Office or any member of Editorial Board. In case of articles rejection by the reason of subject non-compliance, its review is not maintained and an extract from the meeting minutes with justification of refusal is sent to authors.


Materials containing information about discoveries, principally new phenomena and those that need a priority confirmation are published as soon as possible (during 3 month after article receipt) in section “Letters to the Editor”.


If an article was published earlier in any domestic and foreign editions, it can’t be published in the “Journal of Optical Technology”.


Articles that are presented to the Editorial Office should respond to “The rules of manuscript preparation”.


Articles that contain non-published earlier results of investigations, made by any organization, institutions or enterprises, should have a covering letter assured by official stamp of these organizations with a request or a permission to publish this information in Journal of Optical Technology.


Authors should submit a written agreement for formalizing a contract with Journal of Optical Technology Editorial to transfer the copyright on the use of article under conditions of “Standard agreement of copyright transfer”.


During 5 days after articles reception to editorial office, authors are notified of its registration number. Registration date is the date of articles reception to editorial office. If there are detected any serious violations of “The rules of manuscript preparation” or lack of necessary covering documents, the registration is suspended and author is notified about corrections that need to be done.  In this case and also in the case of official return of article to author for some completions on next stages of its preparation for publication,  the registration date becomes the date when the final version of article is receipt by editorial office.


After registration article is sent by Chief Editor to review in accordance with “Articles review order”. Authors can take part in reviewers appointment:


- provide a list of unwilled specialists,

- name specialists, recommended by author (no less than 3).

Editorial office and editorial board will take in consideration authors’ suggestions, if possible.

If a reviewer finds significant shortcomings in the article and sets their elimination as a condition of publication, author must eliminate them after receiving this intermediate review or reasonably disprove reviewers’ comments in written form. Finally the results of review are examined on the meeting of editorial board, which can decide to publish the article, sent it on another review or reject it. In case of rejection author gets a motivated refusal and results of final review.

Accepted for publication in one of Journals’ issues, article is sent to scientific editor of this issue. Usually scientific editor makes an agreement with authors and executes some corrections, but in case of minor technical and stylistic errors that do not influence the main thought of article agreement are not necessary. On the stage of article editing it is very important that authors must react on editors’ comments and suggestions on time, in other case schedule of article preparation can be broken and it will be published with a significant delay in one of following issues.


The last chance to make correction of article (in a limited extend) authors gain on the stage of typographical stamps proofreading; stamps are sent to authors by editor of issue.


During all stages of article preparation for publication editorial office must provide by author request information about on its progress.


Articles that are received by editorial office cannot be recovered by authors. All postage at editorial office shall not have a declared value.


Authors, including graduate students, should not pay a fee for article publication.