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Monthly scientific and technical journal, has been published since 1931.


Successor of Soviet Journal of Optical Technology



  • Vavilov State Optical Institute
  • ITMO University (Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)
  • The Rozhdestvensky Optical Society.



JSC Vavilov State Optical Institute ,

ITMO University



ISSN 1023-5086


Journal is registered at the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Public Communications.

Registration certificate PI №77-17335 from 12.02.2004


Editorial office address:

Russia, 191002. 

9, Lomonosov st. , St. Petersburg, ITMO University, 

Journal of Optical Technology” editorial office

Tel. number: +7 (812) 607 0457




English-language version, under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”, is published  by Optical Association of America,


Copyright © 2009, The Optical Society of America


Chief Editor: 

  • N.N.Rosanov.

Deputy Chief Editors:

  • A.S.Tibilov
  • A.A.Andreev
  • S.A Kozlov
  • L.N. Soms

Executive Secretary of the Editorial Office:  

  • L.V Enushevskaya.

 Editorial Board:

  • V.A.Baloev,  NPO GIPO, Kazan.
  • S.P.Belousov, LZOS, Litkarino.
  • V.N.Vasiliev,  ITMO University, St. Petersburg.
  • U.K.Gruzevich, NPO “Geophysics-NV”, Moscow.
  • A.V.Docenko, NC “Korning”, St. Petersburg.
  • A.V.Koshelev  PO UOVZ, Ekateinburg
  • Y.I. Belousov, JSC Cometa, St.Petersburg
  • M.D.Mikhailov, Vavilov State Optical Institute (Chairman of the Editorial Board)
  • S.E. Shevtsov, SRI OEE, Sosnoviy Bor

Editorial Body:

Optical materials and technology:

  • M.D.Mikhailov,
  • A.V.Mikhailov
  • N.V.Nikanorov
  • M.M.Sychev
  • A.A.Zhilin
  • S.L. Semenov

Optical Imaging:

  • S.N.Bezdidko
  • S.N.Koreshev
  • V.P.Lutsiv
  • V.B.Makulov
  • M.N.Sokolskiy
  • A.V. Bakholdin
  • A.S. Potapov
  • G.E. Romanova

Laser Physics:

  • A.A.Andreev
  • P.Nickles
  • V.A.Serebryakov
  • L.N.Soms
  • A.V.Rode
  • V.E.Yashin
  • V.L. Komolov

Physical Optics:

  • A.V.Baranov
  • V.A. Loiko
  • V.N.Belyi
  • A.V.Fedorov
  • T.A.Vartanyan
  • S.A. Kozlov
  • E.Y. Perlin
  • N.N. Rozanov
  • A.S. Tibilov
  • S.M. Shandarov

Optical Instruments and Metrology

  • I.D.Burlakov
  • A.G.Chunovkina
  • Yu.M.Golubovskiy
  • E.V.Kuvaldin
  • V.B.Shilov
  • E.I. Goritskiy
  • V.V. Korotaev
  • N.I. Pavlov
  • A.V. Savushkin

Biomedical Optics:

  • G.V.Papayan
  • Yu.E.Shelepin

The journal, since 01.12.2015, is included in the list of peer-reviewed journals due for pulication of the general scientific results of theses for doctortal degrees, as an edition entering in international referative citation systems Web Science, Scopus and RISC (seeПеречень%20журналов_МБД_16.03.2018г.pdf/e5c67d29-ccc0-45ec-bc11-b97020e3ffa8)


The journal is distributed by subscription.

For the subscription address any postal office by catalogue “Rospechat”: №73298, or to publishinbg agencies UralPress, Pressinform, MK Periodika, and others.


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