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Standard agreement

Standard agreement on copyright transfer and royalty

FGUP «Scientific and Production Corporation “The State Optical Institute named after S.I.Vavilov”», Editorial Board and Editorial Office of “Journal of Optical Technology”, named below Editorial in the person of “Journal of Optical Technology”  Chief Editor A.S.Tibilov are making an agreement on copyright transfer with authors of articles that are sent in Editorial for publication in “Journal of Optical Technology”. Conditions of transfer are the following:


1. Copyright transfer conditions


1.1 Author transfers copyright on his article translation into any languages, publication of original copy and its translations in any form and distributing it all over the world to Editorial.


1.2 Rights, shown in paragraph 1.1 are transferred for 5years period beginning from the date of article publication.


1.3 Editorial pays a royalty for transferred rights. Payment order is shown in paragraph 3.


1.4 Editorial has the right to transfer a part of copyright to third person for article publication and distribution, taking in consideration author interests.


2. Review and editing.


2.1 Editorial has the right to make articles review and suggest authors to make its corrections.


2.2 Editorial can make scientific and literary editing that is not changing articles’ principal thoughts. Editorial must reconcile with author final version of article by providing an opportunity to read reclaimed article.


2.3 Editorial can reject article in case if articles’ subject doesn’t correspond Journals’ subject, or its material is not fresh enough, or objectives that were set are not justified enough in it or its theoretical or practical value is too low, or the material is too small for independent publication, or articles’ formalization is not executed by given requirements.


3. Royalty amount and payment order


3.1 Articles publication and distribution in Russian version of “Journal of Optical Technology” is executed on a gratuitous basis.


3.2 On publication and distribution of “Journal of Optical Technology” English version Editorial Office summarizes outcomes of calendar year during the next annual term and determines marginal amount of funds that are used for royalty payment, accumulated for annual term.


3.2.1 Funds that are provided by Editorial Office for royalty payment are distinguished between all authors of “Journal of Optical Technology” publications that were released during the annual term, proportionally to number of pages in these publications. Royalty payments are made not later than December 31 of the year following the annual term.


3.3 Editorial Office has a right to make an agreement with Russian Authors' Society, named below RAS, on transferring its obligations to pay royalty to RAS.


3.4 RAS must pay royalty under conditions of agreement with Editorial Office. Payments begin in two month after money transfer on RAS account and receipt from Editorial Office list of publication titles for annual term.


3.5 Responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations assigned to RAS rests on RAS. Editorial is not responsible for fulfillment of obligations by RAS.


4. Responsibility and disputes between parties


4.1 Parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper execution of their obligations that are provided by this contract in accordance with existing legislation of the Russian Federation.


4.2 Editorial Office is not responsible for content of publicized articles.


4.3 All disputes between parties about this agreement execution are reviewed by founders of Journal, The National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics; National Research Center “The State Optical Institute named after S.I.Vavilov” and the Optical Society named after D.S.Rozhdestvensky. Their decisions are final and obligatory for both sides.


5. Final positions


5.1 This agreement is executed in the following order:


5.1.1 Author is sending article, executed according to Editorial Office requirements, in Editorial Office by mail or transmits them in personal order; author also must provide a document, were all co-authors give an official permission to make a standard agreement on the attached form.


5.1.2 Articles, that are made on base of materials that were obtained as an official task, should be send in Editorial Office in behalf of appropriate organization, which possess exclusive rights on these materials usage.


5.1.3 Editorial Office is revising the article and takes a decision on its usage.


5.1.4 Articles publication in “Journal of Optical Technology” is a confirmation of agreement executed between author and Editorial Office.


5.2 This agreement comes into force at the moment of article publication in “Journal of Optical Technology”.


5.3 Author has a right to annul the agreement before the article is signed for publication.


5.4 Copies of articles that are sent in Editorial Office are not gained back by authors.


Model (authors consent to make an agreement with Editorial Office of “Journal of Optical Technology”)


To Editorial Office “Journal of Optical Technology”, Russia, 199053, St. Petersburg, Lomonosov st., 5, bld 2  GOI.

Authors consent to make an agreement with Editorial Office of “Journal of Optical Technology”


We, undersigned … (full surname, name and patronymic of all authors, their full addresses and telephones) authors of article … are accord to make an agreement with Editorial Office of “Journal of Optical Technology” about transferring copyright to use the above named article on conditions of Standard Agreement on copyright transfer, that was published in “Journal of Optical Technology”,  tome 75 №5, 2008.


(Authors signs with transcription of surname, name and patronymic)