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ISSN: 1023-5086

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Opticheskii Zhurnal

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Prospects for hydrogen fluoride laser applications in artwork restoration

For Russian citation (Opticheskii Zhurnal):

Федотов О.Г., Фомин В.М. Перспективы использования фтороводородных лазеров при реставрации произведений живописи // Оптический журнал. 2017. Т. 84. № 4. С. 3–11.


Fedotov O.G., Fomin V.M. Prospects for hydrogen fluoride laser applications in artwork restoration [in Russian] // Opticheskii Zhurnal. 2017. V. 84. № 4. P. 3–11.

For citation (Journal of Optical Technology):

O. G. Fedotov and V. M. Fomin, "Prospects for hydrogen fluoride laser applications in artwork restoration," Journal of Optical Technology. 84(4), 218-225 (2017).


We study the effects of laser light on model samples of carbon black, varnish, and a variety of oil paints, and examine the mechanisms for ablation of various materials. The experimental results indicate that lasers can potentially be used to remove carbon black without any risk of damage to the surface of the oil painting being cleaned.


laser, restoration, cleaning, ablation, carbon black, varnish, paint

OCIS codes: 350.3390, 140.1550


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