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ISSN: 1023-5086


ISSN: 1023-5086

Scientific and technical

Opticheskii Zhurnal

A full-text English translation of the journal is published by Optica Publishing Group under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”

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Opticheskii Zhurnal. 2024. V. 91. № 5.

Production editor’s foreword

Tsypkin, A.N., Zhukova, M.O.

Opportunities of modern photonics

Physical optics

Levkovskaya V.M., Kharitonov A.V., Kharintsev S.S.

Time-varying media for analog optical computing

Shumigai, V.S., Moreva, P.Е., Nasedkin, B.A., Ismagilov A.O., Chernykh A.V., Gaydash, A.A., Kozubov, A.V., Kiselev A.D., Tsypkin, A.N.

Ghost polarimetry with a spatial light modulator for creation of structured illumination patterns

Semiconductor physics and optoelectronics elements

Ruzhevich, M.S., Mynbaev, K.D., Firsov D.D., Komkov O.S., Varavin, V.S., Remesnik, V.G., Yakushev, M.V.

Optical properties of HgCdTe epitaxial films doped with arsenic

Optical instruments and measuring methods in physics, engineering and nature

Bolshakov I.S., Lykina A.А., Kravtsenyuk O.V., Sirro, S.V., Toropov V.Y., Tsvetkov A.R., Taday P.F., Arnone D.D., Smolyanskaya, O.A.

Optical and terahertz methods for the study of oil painting artworks authors

Calculation, design and manufacture of optical systems

Konnov, D.A., Kazachkova, I.D., Konnov, K.A., Kulikova, V.A., Varzhel, S.V.

Development and research of a fiber-optic temperature sensor based on a regenerated fiber Bragg grating

Photonics, nanophotonics and radio photonics

Tsybulnikova, A.V., Zemlyakova E.S., Slezhkin, V.A., Samusev I.G., Lyatun I.I., Artamonov D.A., Zyubin A.Y., Bryukhanov, V.V.

Photophysics of singlet oxygen generation in chitosan films with viburnum fruit extract (Viburnum opulus L.) under the influence of plasmons on a modified titanium surface

Shurukhina A.V., Barinov D.S., Zharovov D.А., Rudakova A.V., Tananaev, P.N., Yankovskiy, G.M., Baryshev, A.V., Emeline A.V., Ryabchuk V.K.

Dependence of quantum yield of up-conversion luminescence of powdered NaYF4:Yb,Er samples on ytterbium ion concentration and excitation intensity

Optical material science and technology

Valiev D.T., Stepanov S.А., Paygin V.D., Dvilis E.S., Khasanov O.L., Shevcheko I.N., Deulina D.Е.

Investigation of YAG/YSZ multilayer ceramics doped with rare earth ions