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ISSN: 1023-5086


ISSN: 1023-5086

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Opticheskii Zhurnal

A full-text English translation of the journal is published by Optica Publishing Group under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”

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The editorial staff of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” hereinafter referred to as “Editorial staff” represented by the editor-in-chief of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” V.V. Korotaev enters into this agreement with the Authors of the Article submitted for publication to “Opticheskii Zhurnal” on copyright assignment on the following conditions:

1. Copyright assignment conditions

1.1 The Authors transfer their exclusive rights to the article and its translations into any languages, to publication of the original copy and its translations in any form and distributing it all over the world to the Editorial staff.

1.2 The Rights indicated in paragraph 1.1 are transferred with no time limit.

1.3 The Editorial staff has the right to transfer a part of the acquired rights to the third parties for the purpose of publishing the translations and distribution of the Article.

1.4 By signing this Agreement the Authors warrant that (1) the Article is original and has never been earlier published; (2) the Article is submitted for consideration only to “Opticheskii Zhurnal”; (3) the Article does not infringe any copyright or any other rights to any other work; (4) all necessary licenses, permissions and agreements for reproduction are received; (5) the Authors hold the copyright to the Article, are entitled to transfer this right and to sign this Agreement.

1.5 In case the work, which is the scope of the Agreement, was carried out under the contract with a governmental institution or other organization reserving any rights, the copyright assignment is subject to any rights acquired by such governmental institution or other organization.

1.6 The Authors also warrant that the Article is duly legalized, does not contain any damaging words, does not trespass upon the rights of other persons (including the absence of copyright restrictions, or restrictions to the rights to patent or trade mark) and does not contain any materials or instructions that can inflict injury or damage to the third parties, and that publication of these materials or instructions will not lead to disclosure of secret or confidential information (including the official secret).

1.7 The Authors confirm that they are not aware of any conflicts of interest, other than expressly provided in the Article’s manuscript.

1.8 The Authors confirm that in case people, animals or plants were involved in the presented research, the applicable laws were observed during this research, which is expressly provided in the Article’s manuscript.

1.9 The Authors confirm that in case people were involved in the presented research, written informed consents for publication of personal information are received from these people, which is expressly provided in the Article’s manuscript.

2. Reviewing and editing terms and conditions

2.1 The Editorial staff has the right to review the articles’ manuscripts and suggest the Authors to make necessary changes.

2.2 The Editorial staff has the right to conduct scientific and literary editing of the Article’s manuscript that does not change its fundamental thoughts obtaining an approval of the final text from the Authors by providing an opportunity to take a look at alterations.

2.3 The Editorial staff has the right to reject the Article in case it does not correspond to the Journal subject area, or the Article’s material has no novelty, or the research subject is ill grounded, or the research theoretical or practical significance is absent, or the presented materials are not enough for separate publication, or the Article’s layout does not correspond to the claimed requirements.

3. Amount and manner of royalty payment

The Authors are not paid royalty for publication and distribution of the Articles in the Russian version of “Opticheskii Zhurnal”.

4. Liability and disputes of the parties

4.1 The parties are responsible for failure to perform or improper performance of the parties’ obligations hereunder in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2 The Editorial staff declines all responsibility for the content of the articles.

4.3 All disputes between the parties on performance of this Agreement are considered at the location of the Editorial office.

5. Agreement signing procedure

5.1 The Authors send the materials with the Article text executed in accordance to the Editorial office requirements and the consent to entry into the Agreement in the form annexed hereto signed by all Authors of the Article by e-mail to the Editorial office.

5.2 The Editorial board of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” considers the Article and takes a decision on its publication or rejection.

5.3 This Agreement shall come into force when the Editorial board of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” takes a decision on publication of the Article in “Opticheskii Zhurnal”.

5.4 The Authors have right to withdraw their consent before the Editorial board of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” takes a decision on publication of the Article in “Opticheskii Zhurnal”.


SAMPLE (the Authors’ consent to entry into the Agreement with Editorial staff of “Opticheskii Zhurnal”)


To Editorial Office of “Opticheskii Zhurnal”, of. 2132, 9, Lomonosov st., Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 191002, “Opticheskii Zhurnal” editorial office


We, the undersigned … (full name and family name of all authors, their e-mail addresses, academic degrees, stages of education (postgraduate student, student)) Authors of the article … give our consent to entry into the Agreement with the Editorial staff of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” on copyright assignment to use the above Article on conditions of Standard copyright assignment agreement published on the website of “Opticheskii Zhurnal”,


(The Authors’ signatures with first name and family name in print)