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ISSN: 1023-5086


ISSN: 1023-5086

Scientific and technical

Opticheskii Zhurnal

A full-text English translation of the journal is published by Optica Publishing Group under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”

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Journal’s mission


“Opticheskii Zhurnal” publishes the articles on themes connected with the development and use of optics as a science about the interaction of optical radiation and substance, and corresponding branches of optical engineering and technology.


The mission of the journal is to give the specialists in the mentioned fields a possibility to interchange the ideas and results of the researches with the potential of practical use.


Journal’s aims


The Editorial staff of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” is aimed at making the results of Russian and foreign researches public. The other purposes of the journal are:

- to make knowledge and experience sharing more accessible

- assistance in conducting interdisciplinary studies up to the world latest standards

- development of the international scientific cooperation


The Editorial staff accepts for publication the articles of the Russian and foreign authors, as well as the articles of the Russian and foreign authors working together on one project.


Intended readers


The journal is targeted at scientists, engineers and designers, university professors, post graduate students and students specializing in the above fields.


Articles’ peer reviewing


The maintenance of the high level of scientific publications is provided by the system of peer reviewing that allows to select the works containing significant scientific results, considering the current experience of the Russian and foreign scientists and being of interest to academic community. The articles are peer reviewed by the specialists in the journal’s scientific fields.


After the peer reviewing is finished, the report and the manuscript copy with the peer reviewer’s and editor’s comments are sent to the author for correction. The dates of receipt of the article and its acceptance for publication are indicated when publishing the article.


The article may be refused of publication on the bases of the peer reviewing results, due to noncompliance of the article materials to the journal’s subject area, and in case of improper layout of the presented materials.


Journal subject area


“Opticheskii Zhurnal” publishes the articles containing new results of theoretical and experimental researches in the following fields of science:

- Physical optics

- Image formation and processing

- Holography

- Laser physics and technique

- Semiconductor physics and optoelectronics elements

- Optical instruments and measuring methods in physics, engineering and nature

- Optical and optoelectronic devices and systems

- Photonics

- Optical metrology and metrological support

- Optical materials and technology

- Biomedical optics

- Cognitive modelling


The results of interdisciplinary researches are published in the journal depending on the volume and significance of their optical aspects.


Basic content requirements


The articles are accepted and published both in Russian and in English.


The presented materials should correspond to the following requirements:

- research topicality,

- research academic novelty,

- reasonability of application of traditional and original research methods,

- scientific and practical significance of the results received.


The Editorial staff follows the principles of Editorial ethics.


The Editorial staff accepts for consideration the original (previously unpublished, except for the scientific conferences materials) works on the journal’s themes that present new scientific results received personally by the author(s) of the article.


The journal publishes the full-text articles, the scientific reviews and the short reports.


News about the scientific conferences and new books reviews are also published.


The journal publishes the works by all authors regardless of the place of residence, nationality and degree; the materials presented for publication should not be published in any other periodicals.


The articles are accepted for publication any time.


All presented materials should be laid out in accordance to Regulations of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” indicated on the website:

- Structure of article

- Manuscripts requirements, including:

- Title page layout

- References


Access policy


The journal is spread by subscription.


The articles are placed on the platform of the scientific electronic library, where the full texts are available – it is possible to buy an article, an issue or annual volume of the journal.


It is possible to read the published materials on the platforms of the foreign electronic libraries and data bases in the Internet.


The Abstracts of the articles are published on the journal’s website. The full texts of the articles become free to access in two years after publication.


Commercial use of the journal’s materials is prohibited.


All the presented materials are protected by copyright.


Information about the activity of the Editorial staff and Editorial Council and Contact information are kept updated.


All expenses for production and publication of the journal are born by the publisher.


The authors are not charged for publication and peer review of the articles.


Peer reviewing of the articles of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” is not paid.


The authors are not paid royalty for publication and distribution of the articles in “Opticheskii Zhurnal”.


All articles published in the journal are reviewed for originality and volume of borrowings in automated check system


It is obligatory to make reference to “Opticheskii Zhurnal” when presenting the published materials in other periodicals.