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ISSN: 1023-5086


ISSN: 1023-5086

Scientific and technical

Opticheskii Zhurnal

A full-text English translation of the journal is published by Optica Publishing Group under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”

Article submission Подать статью



The authors should present the following materials to the editorial office:

- an article’s manuscript

- a set of accompanying documents


The manuscript’s materials are executed in accordance to the Regulations of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” indicated on the website:

- Structure of article

- Manuscripts’ requirements, including:

- Title page layout

- References


The following materials are sent by the authors to the editorial office’s e-mail address

1. File for a peer reviewer executed in accordance to the article’s structure and manuscripts’ requirements with text and illustrative parts.

2. File for an editor executed in accordance to the article’s structure and manuscripts’ requirements with only text part including a title page, main text, references, figures’ captions, tables’ names and information about the authors.

3. Files with figures executed in accordance to the manuscripts’ requirements.


ATTENTION: the original printed manuscript’s materials signed by the authors are presented only upon the request of the editorial staff.


The authors should send the scanned copies of the following documents in pdf format to the e-mail address of the editorial office

4. Personal data processing consent executed in accordance to the form presented on the journal’s website (with signatures of each author and the first name, family name and patronymic (if any) in print);

5. Copyright assignment agreement (with signatures of each author and the first name, family name and patronymic (if any) in print).


The original accompanying documents signed by the authors should be sent to the editorial office by regular mail or by courier service at the following address: 36, bild.1, Babushkin st., St. Petersburg, Russia, 192171, Vavilov State Optical Institute, “Opticheskii Zhurnal” editorial office, tel. +7 812 386 73 16, +7 812 386 73 00.


The authors from Saint-Petersburg can bring the documents personally to the address: of. 2132, 9, Lomonosov st., Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Tel.: +7 (812) 480-02-79, +7 (812) 480-02-77



All the postal items sent to the editorial office address should be with no value declared.  


The editorial office does not return the received materials to the authors.


A team of authors should appoint the corresponding author for communication with the editorial office; the e-mail of the corresponding author is indicated on Title page


The date of registration of the article is the date of receipt of the full set of files; during 5 days after the registration date the editorial staff sends the article’s registration number to the corresponding author. The further correspondence is carried on with indication of the registration number.


The editorial staff has the right to return the article for rework in case there is a substantial breach of the Structure of the article or Manuscripts’ requirements hindering the peer reviewer’s work.


After the registration the editor-in-chief sends the manuscript’s materials for review in accordance to Reviewing rules.


The authors may present a list of possible peer reviewers (not less than 3) among known specialists in this subject field indicating the name, place of work, position and e-mail address. The suggested peer reviewers should correspond to Reviewing rules.


After the peer review the article executed in full correspondence to the Manuscripts’ requirements is sent for consideration by the editorial board.  


The article is not sent for consideration by the editorial board in case of absence of the article’s materials (including the figures) executed in accordance with the above mentioned Requirements.


The journal’s editorial board is entitled to take a decision on publication of the article, to send the article for additional reviewing or to reject the article. In the latter case the author is sent a motivated refusal and the final comment of the peer reviewer.


The journal's editorial board reserves the right not to hold a discussion on the reasons of refusal.


The editorial staff takes a decision on the order and terms of the articles’ publication based on their scientific and practical significance, the subject area of each issue, the quality of the preliminary preparation of the manuscripts.


The article accepted for publication is sent to the editor of the corresponding issue of the journal.


As a rule, the issue editor makes the revision of the article by agreement with the authors, however, in case of small technical and stylistical errors having no effect on the main content of the article, the agreement with the authors is not obligatory.


During the article’s editing it is very important that the authors promptly respond to the editor’s suggestions and comments; otherwise, the article’s preparation may fall behind the schedule of the issue’s preparation, and the article will be published with delay in one of the following issues. 


The authors have the last chance to insert small corrections to the article (to a very limited extent) during the author’s proof of the articles’ electronic copies that are sent to the authors by the issue editor.


The authors are not charged for publication and peer review of the articles.


Peer reviewing of the articles of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” is not paid.