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ISSN: 1023-5086


ISSN: 1023-5086

Scientific and technical

Opticheskii Zhurnal

A full-text English translation of the journal is published by Optica Publishing Group under the title “Journal of Optical Technology”

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The articles are accepted and published in both Russian and English.


The artilcles by Russian authors are accepted only in Russian taking into account the translated version of the journal. The articles by foreign authors are accepted either in English or in Russian.


The presented materials should correspond to the following requirements:

- research topicality,

- research academic novelty,

- reasonability of application of traditional and original research methods,

- scientific and practical significance of the results received.


The Editorial staff follows the principles of Editorial ethics.


The journal publishes the full-text articles, the scientific reviews and the short reports.


The results of interdisciplinary researches are published in the journal depending on the volume and significance of their optical aspects.


The question of the presented manuscript’s non-conformity to the journal’s subject area is considered at the editorial board session upon suggestion of the editorial staff or any member of the editorial board.


In case the article is rejected for the above mentioned reason, it is not peer reviewed, and an extract from the minutes of the editorial board session with justification of the refusal of publication is sent to the authors.   


An article earlier published in other Russian or foreign journals cannot be published in “Opticheskii Zhurnal”.


It is possible to partially use some earlier published materials (calculation methods, results of the experiments with computer and physical models, description of the corresponding measuring tools), if these materials are crucial for understanding the essence of the new presented materials.


The earlier published materials should have corresponding references.


The scientific review should give an idea about the state of the continuously evolving scientific knowledge and estimate the scientific results for the science and community.


The reviews of the authors’ earlier published articles are rejected.


The materials containing the information about the discoveries, new phenomenon that need to fix the priority are published during 3 months since the date of receipt of the article in the sectionShort reports”.


The journal publishes the works by all authors regardless of the place of residence, nationality and degree; the materials presented for publication should not be published in any other periodicals.


All presented materials should be laid out in accordance to Regulations of “Opticheskii Zhurnal” indicated on the website:

- Structure of article

- Manuscripts requirements, including:

- Title page layout

- References