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ISSN: 1023-5086

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Opticheskii Zhurnal

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DOI: 10.17586/1023-5086-2020-87-03-17-27

УДК: 530.18:535

The subwavelength character of the ordered breakdown of condensed media by circularly polarized ultrashort-pulse laser radiation

For Russian citation (Opticheskii Zhurnal):

Макин В.С., Пестов Ю.И., Макин Р.С. Субволновой характер упорядоченного разрушения конденсированных сред циркулярно поляризованным ультракороткоимпульсным лазерным излучением // Оптический журнал. 2020. Т. 87. № 3. С. 17–27.


Makin V.S., Pestov Yu.I., Makin R.S. The subwavelength character of the ordered breakdown of condensed media by circularly polarized ultrashort-pulse laser radiation [in Russian] // Opticheskii Zhurnal. 2020. V. 87. № 3. P. 17–27.

For citation (Journal of Optical Technology):

V. S. Makin, Yu. I. Pestov, and R. S. Makin, "The subwavelength character of the ordered breakdown of condensed media by circularly polarized ultrashort-pulse laser radiation," Journal of Optical Technology. 87(3), 147-154 (2020).


This paper analyzes the published experimental data on the interaction of circularly polarized ultrashort-pulse laser radiation with condensed media. An explanation is proposed for the features of the subwavelength ordered breakdown of media with substantially different physical properties, based on the universal polariton model.


surface plasmon–polaritons, interaction, condensed media, ultrashort pulses, circular polarization, universal polariton model


The authors express gratitude to I. V. Arkanova for help in preparing the figures.

OCIS codes: 190.3270, 260.3230, 160.6030


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