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ISSN: 1023-5086

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Opticheskii Zhurnal

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DOI: 10.17586/1023-5086-2024-91-01-3-13

УДК: 535.3

Synthesis and optical properties of hybrid nanostructures based on plasmonic silver nanoparticles and InGaN nanowires

For Russian citation (Opticheskii Zhurnal):

Шугабаев Т., Гридчин В.О., Мельниченко И.А., Лендяшова В.В., Новикова К.Н., Котляр К.П., Кулагина А.С., Крыжановская Н.В., Цырлин Г.Э. Синтез и оптические свойства гибридных наноструктур на основе плазмонных наночастиц серебра и нитевидных нанокристаллов InGaN // Оптический журнал. 2024. Т. 91. № 1. С. 3–13.


Shugabaev T., Gridchin V.O., Melnichenko I.A., Lendyashova V.V., Novikova K.N., Kotlyar K.P., Kulagina A.S., Kryzhanovskaya N.V., Cirlin G.E. Synthesis and optical properties of hybrid nanostructures based on plasmonic silver nanoparticles and InGaN nanowires [in Russian] // Opticheskii Zhurnal. 2024. V. 91. № 1. P. 3–13.

For citation (Journal of Optical Technology):

Subject of study.  Integration of indium gallium nitride InGaN nanowires with silver nanoparticles and study of the photoluminescent properties of the resulting hybrid nanostructures. Aim of study. Improving the luminescent characteristics of InGaN nanowires by decorating their surface with colloidal silver nanoparticles. Method. The synthesis of various sizes silver nanoparticles and nanoparticles with a silver/silicon oxide core/shell structure was carried out by colloidal chemistry. Indium gallium nitride nanowires were obtained by molecular beam epitaxy technology. The morphology and dimensions of the obtained samples were studied using scanning electron microscopy. The optical properties were characterized by spectral methods. Main results. A red shift in the wavelength of localized plasmon resonance of nanoparticles was demonstrated with increasing diameter and passivation of the nanoparticle surface by a silicon oxide shell. Nanowires with a spontaneously formed InGaN/GaN core-shell structure exhibiting photoluminescence at room temperature in the yellow-orange region were synthesized. It was shown for the first time that the deposition of colloidal silver/silicon oxide nanoparticles onto the surface of InGaN nanowires leads to an increase in the PL intensity of the initial structures by a factor of 2,2. Practical significance. InGaN nanowires are promising solid-state nanostructures for creating visible light-emitting devices integrated with a silicon platform. The creation of hybrid nanostructures based on InGaN nanowires and silver nanoparticles is one of the methods for increasing the luminescence efficiency of the original nanowires. In particular, the hybrid nanostructure proposed in this work can be used to create optically pumped subwavelength lasers based on InGaN nanowires.


nanowires, indium gallium nitride, silver nanoparticles, hybrid nanostructures, plasmonics, increase in photoluminescence intensity


the work on the growth of structures was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in part of State Assignment № 0791-2023-0004. Studies of the structural properties of the samples were carried out with the financial support of the St. Petersburg State University within the framework of research grant № 94033852. The synthesis of NPs and modeling were carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (project 075-15-2021-1349). Studies of optical properties were carried out within the framework of the Fundamental Research Program of the HSE University.

OCIS codes: 160.4236, 160.2540, 160.4760


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